I do not have the words to express the joy I feel being held by and spending time with Tate; nor the melancholy when the timer, ending our session, rings; nor the anticipation of the time before the next bell.  No therapy, and I have tried them all, has left me feeling so human, so me, so free.  My compassion for others has grown, I hug others unabashedly, my warmth for partner, family and friends expands.  Tate’s enormous courage in daring to spread the word and giving of loving touch, manifested in felt hearts, has encouraged me to take chances in my life in ways I have always, but was too afraid, to want or to try.

               - Spencer

Such a lovely experience with a lovely human. I was very new to and nervous about touch therapy, but Tate was incredibly warm, gracious, and professional. They put my mind at ease and I had a wonderfully fun time. I would recommend this service to anyone. 

               - Kelly

This human is an excellent cuddler, and understands the powerful healing properties of tender loving care. I found myself lighter and more serene for days after and that was just a mini session! Can't wait to start regular sessions!!

              - Cory

I've been in various therapies with a variety of therapists for more than 20 years and have never been impacted so suddenly and positively as from Tate's Cuddle/Dom therapy.  I felt my true self naturally drawn out in a both physical and visceral way into an atmosphere of love and acceptance.  And being free to be my true self impacted all my relationships, both business and personal right away.

Even my traditional talk therapist was amazed at how quickly I was changing for the better, feeling more positive and in control of my life.  I can't recommend Tate highly enough.

              - Dan

I never knew what it meant to truly be hugged until Tate. It is so rewarding to be around such a caring, kind person. Time spent with Tate is pure joy.

             - Brynn

I had a session with Tate recently - it was my first session here in Los Angeles, and one of my first ones of this type, period. I was apprehensive and even a bit nervous with my journey to the location of the session; however, as soon as I met Tate, I was put at ease.  I actually got everything and more that I expected from our session. Not only are they beautiful, but they have a mind and wit that is even more astounding.  I look forward to our next session, and more to come after that with new experiences to encounter.

            - Ken

One of the nicest and most genuine people that I have ever met! Tate is a complete professional... you're in great hands!

              - Mike

I found Tate to be very kind, respectful and affectionate. Their conversations skills are great too, which I enjoyed because I like to talk. Overall, they provided a fun, comforting experience of feminine touch and communication in a nice environment.

          - Thomas

Your cuddle sessions warmed my cold dead heart and brought a sense of calm during a time when there was inexplicably not.  Also I'm now more comfortable hugging people in general. 

          - Andy