I'm Tate, the founder of Cuddle Dom/me ("Cuddle dom me"/"Cuddle Domme"). I host private touch therapy and intimacy coaching, facilitate cuddle workshops, and offer training for prospective practitioners. 

Whether you seek soft touch, someone to put you in your place, or a little bit of both, the core of the desire is the same:

You want to connect with someone. You want that person to listen to you, to touch you with intention, and to try to understand you. 

You want to feel loved!

While we are taught that love is in limited supply, I believe it must be readily available to everyone. We don't need to have romantic partners to access validation and security. We can be intimate without being romantic; we can be sensual without being sexual. All bodies benefit from consensual touch. 

Our society sees both platonic intimacy and kink as taboo, but we at Cuddle Dom/me know both to be healthy, healing, and sometimes necessary :)

We provide a strictly non-sexual service based on mutual respect. Because touch therapy depends on clear consent and communication, it is a safe way to discover your needs and boundaries alike. 

We do not discriminate against potential clients or practitioners on the basis of race, gender, or sexuality. We welcome all humans who desire to connect and practice communication!

Click here for an article outlining my philosophy on cuddling, consent, and BDSM.